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Rolls Royce Silver Shadow Wedding Car

Take the best that exists and make it better.

We have owned this beautiful Rolls Royce Silver Shadow Wedding Car for over 20 years. Serving our clients faultlessly over that period, the time came to invest in a complete mechanical and cosmetic overhaul. In recent years, Royce Engineering of Betchworth, Surrey have been regularly maintaining this wonderful car. In the last two years Royce have undertaken a huge mechanical overhaul resulting in an even better driving experience. As Sir Henry Royce once quoted, Take the best that exists and make it better.

The current challenging ordeal with Covid 19 has provided an opportunity to undertake the next task, being bodywork restoration. Attached are photographs of recent progress which are exciting for us to see and share in this news post.

Royce Service and Engineering are exceptional in the works they perform, they are dedicated and meticulous in delivering the best result possible ensuring these superb motorcars continue to provide enjoyment to enthusiasts such as ourselves. We will follow up with further progress as it materialises.

COVID-19 Update – Avoid Public Transport and reduce personal risk!!

April 2020 – What you can expect from DTP

In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, Driven to Perfection is closely following NHS and Public Health England advice to help protect passengers. 

DTP Personal Hygiene Protocol

In the event that a we become aware of contact with an infected individual, we will immediately self-isolate and withdraw from service.

Upon dropping our clients to their chosen destination, prior to cleaning the touch points of our vehicles, we will clean our hands thoroughly via soap and water or if not available utilising the allocated driver specific sanitiser . Having completed this, we will then address sanitisation of touch points within the vehicle.

DTP Vehicle Hygiene Protocol

Prior to clients entering our vehicles, we will sanitise all touch points including seats, door handles and external surface areas identified. Once fully sanitised, the driver will then again follow the Personal Hygiene Protocol.

DTP Greeting Protocol

Upon arrival at your car, your driver will provide you with an option for a sachet hand sanitiser, Clean Tissues, individually wrapped face mask and clinical gloves. Our driver may select the use of gloves for the loading and unloading or luggage.

DTP On Board Sundries

We will not provide newspapers, magazines or any confectionary whilst this situation is ongoing in order to minimise any contact spread to the virus.. We will however continue to supply sealed bottles of drinking water.

Insufficient time in your busy schedule?


March 2019 launch Concierge Service

For sometime working close to valued VIP clientele, we identified an opportunity to further enhance the clients experience with DTP. Struggling to balance the demands of current work life with personal demands on time, our depth, experience and contacts across a broadening range of business disciplines, enables us to offer and provide assistance with a range of lifestyle-focused services. The list of possibilities is endless but they tend to fall into three groups:
  • Travel: Introduction of resources for best holiday packages and booking flights & hotels to arranging car transfers either end.
  • Special Events/social: Sourcing and booking tickets for anything from theatre performances, restaurant reservations and sporting events.
  • Personal: Collections, deliveries, organising gardners & Tradesmen, car servicing, cleaning & repairs plus all forms of site management.
Given the range of services on offer, it’s important to make concierge services as bespoke as possible so we launched our Concierge offering providing clients with time-saving services. Each clients needs are individual and thus we tailor our services accordingly, at the end of the day, we want your clients to use these services, so it pays for us to understand what it is they value.

Is a car just a car?

Suppose you travel for three-hours in a chauffeur-driven car to an important meeting.

That meeting is with a valuable customer and needs your full attention. What difference could your vehicle possibly make?

In the book ‘Roadcraft, The Essential Police Driver’s Handbook’ there are two paragraphs titled, ‘Fatigue’ and ‘How to combat fatigue’. Fatigue is often known as tiredness, weakness or the inability to function at one’s normal level – something critical if your meeting is important!

In the book, two issues are considered when discussing fatigue: a comfortable posture and noting how noise and vibration cause fatigue. These issues are directly related to a car’s design, seats, noise levels and build quality. These issues are precisely why a chauffeur car should be at least executive class (a size larger than family saloon models).

Any one who has travelled in a high quality executive saloon will tell you it can make a world of difference. The effect it has on your physical and mental state at the end of a journey is considerable! Quite simply, if the meeting is important then so too is your car.