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contact us:
+44 (0)1732 321 062

Insufficient time in your busy schedule?

Aug 3, 2020 | Latest News

March 2019 launch Concierge Service

For sometime working close to valued VIP clientele, we identified an opportunity to further enhance the clients experience with DTP. Struggling to balance the demands of current work life with personal demands on time, our depth, experience and contacts across a broadening range of business disciplines, enables us to offer and provide assistance with a range of lifestyle-focused services. The list of possibilities is endless but they tend to fall into three groups:
  • Travel: Introduction of resources for best holiday packages and booking flights & hotels to arranging car transfers either end.
  • Special Events/social: Sourcing and booking tickets for anything from theatre performances, restaurant reservations and sporting events.
  • Personal: Collections, deliveries, organising gardners & Tradesmen, car servicing, cleaning & repairs plus all forms of site management.
Given the range of services on offer, it’s important to make concierge services as bespoke as possible so we launched our Concierge offering providing clients with time-saving services. Each clients needs are individual and thus we tailor our services accordingly, at the end of the day, we want your clients to use these services, so it pays for us to understand what it is they value.

The key facts to know

Exceptional competitive rates

A personal and professional experience

Business and private clients
Vehicles are fully insured for public liability

What our clients say

When you reach airport arrivals, exhausted after a long flight, spotting your DTP driver, standing out like a beacon amongst the crowd of scruffy cab drivers, is a very welcome sight.